Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post-Holiday Shopping

Ok, so you've heard many people complain about post-holiday shopping, and you've also heard lots of people who like it. You're just not sure what to think. Never fear, I am here to save you from lots of contemplating. I have the solution: go in the afternoon. Most people get up early to get all the stuff first, but I've found that you can go in the afternoon/evening and still get just about everything you want. Sure it looks like a hurricaine ripped through the Wal-Mart clearance aisle, but there's still quite a bit there. You just have to dig a bit. But trust me, the digging is worth the effort when everything goes back to regular price in 2 days. And hey, even if you get something and you don't use it, you most definitely know someone who can use it. This is just one of many of the Laws of Shopping we women learn over the years. You men don't have to do much. Just hand over the credit card, wait for us to come back, and maybe cry a little when you see all the bags. But don't worry honey: I got it at half price!!!!!!

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