Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Incident In The Bookstore

Well, today was quite interesting.
My cousin, mother, aunt, and myself all took a trip to our local bookstore in hopes of finding something tempting to our imaginations. We were successful, but we had an incident along the way. My cousin, Stacy, and I were standing in a bargain books section, giggling over one of those toilet trivia books. A man standing nearby overheard us and commented on the fact that people in France have unisex bathrooms. We smiled politely and nodded. He proceeded to tell us further about unisex bathrooms around the world, then introduced himself as Kevin. Kevin the mentioned that he had once been to New York and had seen a woman in the men's bathroom. Not much of an incident so far, hmm? Well, it gets wonderfully twisted now. Kevin then suggested that Stacy use a men's bathroom sometime, just to "liberate" herself or something like that. She smiled, and said, "I'll have to do that." Kevin grinned and nodded, "Hey, you could even use the bathroom here! Just make sure you tell me first so I can see it." He swept a lingering look over Stacy, the kind that said he was mentally undressing her. I nearly whacked him in the crotch for that one. Then he ran the same look over me. I almost screamed, kicked, and ran for that, but proper upbringing(darn you!) held me back. Stacy just laughed. He said it a few more times then moved away. Stacy looked at me and said, "Hey, where was that book you were looking for?" I fumbled a bit: "Uhm, I don't remember, but I think it was this way." As soon as we were out of Kevin's sight, we practically ran to the back of the store and hid in the romance section, all the while discussing how creepy this whole thing was. We were glancing through some of the books when suddenly Kevin appeared again! We were really freaked by this time, and Stacy once again used her nack for tact: " So where was that book?" I didn't falter this time. I moved away, to the opposite end of the row as Kevin. "Uhm, I can't remember, but I think it was this way." We were out of his sight once more, and we headed for the coffee area this time. We found our mothers but told them nothing of our situation. We merely purchased some coffee and sat at a table behind them. We were undisturbed for a few seconds, but then Stacy spotted Kevin walking past. For the next 15 minutes Stacy watched as Kevin moved about, selecting stationary spots where he was out of the way, but could still see us. After a while, Stacy and I were officially frightened. We told our mothers what was going on, then went to make our purchases with Stacy's pepper spray close at hand in her pocket. Kevin passed by us one last time as we were checking out, and then we were gone and free of him.
I hope you go to prison, Kevin.

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