Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Something Old, Something Blue

Today, a good friend of mine and I perused the local antiques store, and let me tell you, I'll probably be spending my next paycheck there. I love the vintage, aged feel of all the stuff there. How you can tell that it was something somebody loved and wanted, something somebody used and passed on. It's also a great way to just recycle beautiful treasures that would otherwise end up in the dump.
My initial intent on going there was to get a typewriter. I've been dying to plunk away on a typewriter for several weeks now, and I was at my wits end waiting to get enough time to go and find one. I had seen the absolute perfect one at the antique store, a little brown portable one with extra ribbon and a manual for only $25. I'm now kicking myself for not getting it. However, I did find one, a rather nice Underwood with the classic round keys and manual bar. I am falling in love with it, although I need to get some more ribbon for it asap. It was a good buy at only $15 because part of the slide bar was broken, although that in no way affects it's typing. So now I can live out my little vision of staying up late at night, click-clacking away at the typewriter with a single light on and soft jazz playing in the background, a hot cup of tea at my side and my glasses pushed up on my nose...ah. Heaven.
My other find at the store actually came before I had even decided on the typewriter. On a whim, I dove in between the clothing racks to look at the purses. I ran into a horrid navy blue satchel with faux-snake rope accents and a tassel zipper; blech. Next came a brown kiss-clasped little bag with a mighty high price tag for such a simple piece. But after that, third time's the charm: there it was, a blue little bag with a slip clasp and white sides and handles, the blue a faux woven pattern. Dread filled me, however, as I opened the bag to assess the lining damage. To my surprise, it was beautiful. Not a stain or tear in sight. And only $10! How on earth could such a beautiful little bag go for so cheap? I wasn't about to question. Instead I held on to it for dear life until I could get to the cash register.
So, I've got a bit of advice for you in this: be sure to stop at the antiques store next time you're in town. You never know what vintage deal will be waiting for you. And always remember, one girl's junk is another girl's summer purse.

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