Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Plum Outta Answers

I'm going through this phase in my clothing and accessory purchasing. It's a purple phase. I'm in love with plums, berries, grapes, lavenders, if it even says purple in the name, I like it. I'm not sure where this came from, but I'm excited to start pairing them up with some gorgeous oranges and blues. Green is always good, but I can't seem to find any green around here that I can stand. Most of it reminds me of what I found in my cousin's daughter's diaper when I was babysitting one time.
However, according to Vogue, the big fall trend is supposed to be black, red, and white graphic print. That might be what's hot on the runway, but for every day street wear, it's my personal belief that women will be looking to jewel tones for fall refreshers. Deep emeralds, brilliant rubies, even the occasional yellow diamond. It's all there, on display at the local boutique, and even some in my closet.
There's another trend that's coming back full-force that absolutely thrills me to no end: 1950's glamour. I see it everywhere, and even the 40's are seeping in. It makes me want to get a credit card just for the dresses and pumps alone.
The one trend that I'm not a fan of, however, is the kitten heel. Come on, ladies. Have we really stooped that low that we can't pull of a comfortable 2 inch? Besides, what's the point of beauty if there isn't a little pain involved? I'm going to try out a semi-kitten heel, however. It's a gorgeous pair of peep-toe mixed materials in red that I got, and the heel is no more than an inch, but just low enough to be mistaken for a kitten. If it wasn't for the red crocodile, I don't think they would have made the cut. I'll be leaving a report as soon as possible. Until then, don't be afraid to get a little purple with it.

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