Friday, February 08, 2008

Belated Introduction

I was reading my cousin's brand-new blog today (Watch This Story Unfold, see side link) and I realized that I never really introduced myself(not that I actually believe people read this). My pseudonym is Nikki J., and since this blog is used primarily for my creative outlet, I thought it appropriate to use a false name and no others.
I won't disclose many other personal details about myself since I like to allow my readers an unbiased opinion about me. I will say that I have a very open mind, I'm willing to accept any and all as they are. I do my best not to form instant opinions about anything, and to not let physical appearances and images hinder my true view of something. I love books and writing, and I also have a true adoration for film and TV. I am fascinated by the idea of getting someone's mental images out of their head and onto a screen where everyone can see it. Film is truly an amazing form of art, and I think that it is often abused by people to simply make money. But I'm rambling here, back to business. More about me.
I'm generally a quiet person, although when in the right company, I have been know to lose it a bit. Only in the best sense of the phrase of course. I like to observe people and their habits, it helps me to better understand them. I am very reserved, but know that I am always willing to give opinion or advice, when asked. I try not to be one of those people who forces their opinions on everyone at the drop of a hat. Those kinds of people irritate me, as this is a very obnoxious and rude way to handle things.
I don't like a lot of gossip and drama. I like when people talk about things that matter to them rather than trivial stuff that will be forgotten in a day's time. People who make mountains out of molehills also irritate me.
I think that's pretty much it for now, if I think of something else I will certainly post it. If I have any readers, I hope you have gotten to know me a little better. And if I don't have any, then I am essentially talking to myself, a strangely comforting concept.

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Mercedes said...

Now not always does NO ONE read, I read what you say and find it interesting. I always find it almost a challenge to describe myself. Who knew you would need to dig into yourself so deeply and find honest words to describe yourself to someone you don't know. Fascinating. And I am glad I could be an inspiration!